Day 298! The Hubster and I drove an hour and a half up to Wadsworth to see the Pyramid House. Cost us $15 each to get in. The son of the man who built it was entertaining in giving us a history of the house, but there were some commrericals along with the history, you could book a trip to Eygpt or buy some water for $3.00 that they bottle right from the spring on the property and hopefully soon buy their Pharoh’s Gold Beer.

I was unimpressed with the short tour of just the first and second floor of the house. I was hoping to go all the way to the top. If I was going to go to all the trouble of making a house look like a pyramid, I would decorate accordingly, not “anybody’s house” style. The exterior of the house, that once had a gold top and then electoplated gold sheets of steel had all been removed and the current condition leaves it as a bit of an eyesore I think. The son, Rocko seems to have some big plans to bring this to a better standard and at $15 ahead (we figure they raked in a little over $1500) he should be on his way soon. Go do something new. All that used to glitter, is not gold.


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