Day 281. Long post, means I had a most excellent morning!

I spent the morning with my daughter-in-law Emily and she showed me how to do some basic grooming on her horse Cash. He is a handsome fellow and today was my first time meeting him. I haven’t been around horses too much and I’ve only ridden a handfull of times, so I tried to not show Cash I was nervous, but he’s a big boy and he’s still young so he was a bit antsy, which made me a little more nervous to think about a 1000 lb horse with some big ol feet and some strong legs and me standing next to him. He got a bit nervous not from me, but from somebody driving a gator near by. Emily has been around horses all of her life and it was fun to watch her, not take any guff from Cash. She’s the boss and she’s not afraid. Emily got him settled down by taking him outside and having him walk and trot circles around her.

After bringing him back to the barn Emily decided it might be easier to groom her friend Cristina’s horse Molly. I’ve never met Molly before either, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a blue eyed horse. Being blue eyed makes her eyes very sensitive to the sun so she gets to wear (I’m sure Emily told me the name of it, but I can’t remember) a sort of heavy mesh mask. She can seen through it, but it helps keep her eyes protected. Molly is 28 years old! So she’s pretty darn calm, which really helped put me at ease. I have never groomed a horse and I’ve only ridden a couple times, so about the only thing I really know is watch out for the back end! After being with Molly for a bit, I felt a little more confident being by Cash.

So I used the curry comb on Cash to get alot of the mud off and then a softer brush to get the dust off both Cash and Molly. I got to feed Molly some grain with some special additives for her old lady knee problem. I could relate with my old lady foot of late. As soon as Emily handed me the bag Molly was all excited and I barely got it poured into her dish! Funny thing about that was Molly had to share her food with the little barn pig named Hodor. He gets to go wherever he’d like and he’s not afraid of these huge horses. My Grandpa Lawrence had pigs and there’s a picture of me holding one of the babies and my Uncle Forest took care of pigs, but I just remember standing on the wooden gate and looking them over. So I’d have to say this was the first time I petted a pig and had a piggie rub up against my leg like a cat! With Hodor right there with Molly eating the grain, he got food all over his back. It was pretty funny.

Afterwards Emily let Cash back out with all the other horses. Cash lives out at Millbrook Trail Rides so there are a lot of other horses owned by Emily’s friends for the trail rides, plus some other horses who are boarded there. The horses have pretty much free rein (see what I did there?) of the countryside and have a big open barn to get out of the elements if they want to. So they can get pretty dirty out there and I have to admit I was glad Cash was not as dirty as some of the others!

It was a bit overwhelming standing there among all these horses. I loved the Draft horse and was quite surprised at his coloring of black and white. I had always thought they were all brown like the Clydesdale’s in the Budweiser ads. As we stood there one big guy was clearly in charge when all the others got out of his way. Cash is working his way up the chain, but he’s got a way to go as I saw him get moved out of the way by another horse.

Today, while I was really sort of nervous, I really had fun being there. I felt confident that Emily knew exactly what to do to keep me and the horses safe and it was really so much fun to spend some one on one time with her, not including the horses, the pig and the goats. Oh the goats I forgot to mention those crazy devils. I learned some new stuff today and not all about horses. There was a calico cat out there and Emily asked me if I knew that Calico cats are only females. Crazy stuff. Go do something new! Let some one else hold the reins!


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