Day 280 – I have lived in this town for 31 years, although I’m not sure how many years they have done a Cemetery Walk, I know it has been quite a few! I’ve always had one excuse or another not to go or it was canceled due to rain. Tonight for the first time I decided to add it to my list of one new thing.

This was not meant to be a scary walk through the cemetery, but an educational one. We heard the stories of 4 women who lived here back in the 1800’s. The women are all buried in this cemetery, but they came above ground to tell us about their life. It was quite interesting.

The “actors” all had their stories memorized and were dressed in period clothing and it was dark! Unfortunately photography was not allowed once you were in the cemetery. Probably because it would have blinded someone, like the flashlights of the little kids who’s parents thought it was a most excellent idea to give them a flashlight to shine in our eyes. Go do something new, get out in the dark and don’t be scared.


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