Day 249 – Labor Day!

Day 249! We truly labored today instead of taking a break. The 14 year old and I set out to walk, what we thought was a 2.4 mile walk to Waa Kee Sha park, which I had never been to I had taken part of this Grove Rd trail, but not all of it.

We knew this would be quite the hike for the two of us, because we don’t usually hike too well together when one of us starts whining about being done. I’ve done much longer and harder hikes through Starved Rock, with lots of climbing and I’ve ran longer distances. This was all paved path. Seemed a no brainer. Turns out the Park District stopped the mileage at the end of the paved path. I had to stop and ask some people where the park was. When the woman was telling me to cut through the subdivision, the old guy was telling her I wanted to exercise and should take the long way around. I told him I’d already walked 3 miles to get here! Plus we would have been walking along a very busy road. We took the supposed shortcut.

We finally made it without dropping. Nice little park with a playground and shelter. We wished we brought lunch instead of a banana and a granola bar, but I was thankful I brought 2 bottles of water instead of the one the 14 year old brought. We shared my second bottle, plus I gave him the second granola bar I had brought when he said he wouldn’t need one! But then we had to give over the mental break down of turning around and going back the way we came!

Round trip, our dogs are barkin’, we did 7.11 miles. When we finally made it back to the car, the 14 year old said, “never again”. He didn’t whine half as bad as I thought he would so I let that comment hit the wind and be on its way! Maybe what he meant though was never again would he believe me when I say, “it’s only 2.4 miles!” Go do something new, check out a new park, but make sure you know the distance!




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