Day 247! Fox River Valley Trolley Museum! The 14 year old and I drove up to South Elgin and took a ride on two different electric trolleys. They call it a museum but there is only a little store front to buy your tickets and a few souvenirs. The museum is the cars and the Conductor gives you a little history along the route. On the return trip he lets the little kids toot the horn, big kids too if they want!

It was an enjoyable cheap day for a short little ride, 4 miles round trip. It was fun to think about this being one of the few forms of transportation back in the early 1900’s.

We road out and back twice for $6.00 each. The first one we got off when it got to the little Jon J. Duerr Forest Preserve and had a little walk about. This could be because they called, “All Aboard” and we couldn’t walk fast enough to get back, or maybe we just wanted to check out the preserve. The second time out, we stayed put, we’d seen enough of the preserve.

The trolleys run along the Fox River, so you have a nice view. After we got back we took a look inside the caboose and climbed up to the Conductor and Flagman’s seats. We had some ice cream at the little store, because, well, why not. These hot summer days won’t be here much longer! Fall is just around the corner. Go do something new! It doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money to have some fun going back in time.


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