Day 195! I don’t remember for sure where I heard about this, but I’ve just been waiting to do it. With the bad weather today this was the perfect day!

It was fun to order and I believe the recipient will really smile when it arrives! I won’t spoil the fun and tell you who the recipient is. I want it to be a surprise! I love surprises, don’t you?

I will tell you what I did though! I ordered and sent my first ever TINY package! I could have sent a tiny letter, but the package seemed like even more fun! If you see the tiny little thing I sent, you’ll think it was a lot of money, but for the joy it brought me to send it and the joy I think the recipient will have it wasn’t expensive. I can’t wait to hear that it arrived. I hope the recipient takes a picture to share. Hopefully of the unopened package and another after it’s opened.

I know it probably won’t get there till some time next week, because it’s being shipped out of California, but I’ll be thinking of it and the recipient the next several days and I will smile! Go do something new!



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12 plus Years Surviving Stage IV Oral Cancer. I have become a "Turtle" runner since that diagnosis, as a way of saying, "Take That Sucker!" After 12 years of being a Turtle Runner, I'm adding a new title, Turtle Rucker!

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