Day 160! Today the 13 year old and I took a tour of the Fabyan Villa and Japanese Garden in Geneva, Il. Which happens to be right across the river from the big ol windmill I saw many weeks ago for my one new thing! Mr. Fabyan bought it and had it moved to its present location and it is visible from the estate.

The Japanese garden was a bit smaller than I was expecting. I didn’t know till we got there, that we could actually tour the house. It was interesting, but I’ll admit I was disappointed none of the rooms, except one were set up to look like someone lived there. I wonder what happened to all of their furniture?  Mrs. Fabyan they know had a bed that hung from chains attached to hooks in the ceiling, but there was no bed to see. At one time on the little island George and Nelle had an olympic size Roman pool. We saw pictures of it. The design looked fabulous, with large columns and statuary! When we asked the guide what happen to it, she responded it had fallen into disrepair and the Forest Preserve bulldozed it under. Sigh. As the 13 year old and I walked along the path we had some fun fantasizing about being rich enough to live in luxury. The 13 year old said he wouldn’t have a cook, unless of course I wanted one (he was kind enough to make believe I would have a room in his extravagant home) to which I replied, “of course I want a cook?” He also said he’d mow his own yard.

Go do something new, you don’t have to wander far from home to pretend.

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