Lots of new things today! Skagen Potatis – Norwegian Constitution Day Parade – Wandering around a cemetery I’ve never been to – A new Norway shirt thanks to my Dad and his gift of birthday money! Thanks Dad!! It was a chilly day but oh so fun!


I drove up to Park Ridge today to watch the Norwegian Constitution Day Parade. I’ve never watched it, but I walked in it two years ago. I headed up there a little early because I knew there were vendors set up in the tiny little town park.

The first booth was set up by the restaurant Tre Kronor. It is located on Foster Ave. in Chicago. Several years ago, my mother and I took off on an adventure to find that little restaurant and have dinner. It has become a faint memory. I was intrigued by the Skagen Potatis.

I ordered it and was quite pleased. A hot baked potato loaded up with a cold shrimp salad! The potato was huge and the shrimp salad was a heaping mound! Well worth the money. Who would have thought of a hot potato and cold shrimp? Well the Norwegians I guess, maybe. It was delicious and the hot potato felt good on my cold hand. The last time I was here two years ago it was blisteringly hot, today I was in a Norwegian wool sweater and my Blackhawks winter stocking cap and I was still cold.

My friend Jean and her husband Don live in Park Ridge and they planned to meet up with me after Church. I guess they walked right by me as I sat staring off at someone or something. I love to people watch, but apparently not the right people today. Jean’s daughter Carolyn told her mom she thought the lady in the red hat they had walked by might be me (she hasn’t seen me for awhile and I was wearing that stocking cap and big sunglasses) so they came back by and I still didn’t see them. I think I might have been napping with my eyes open.

We watched the parade together, one of Jean’s other daughters was in one of the bands. It was fun to hear them play the Star Spangled Banner and the Norwegian National Anthem. I’ve sang the Norwegian anthem every month at my Sons of Norway Lodge meetings but it wasn’t till today when Jean mentioned her family all thought the first few notes sounded like a Christmas song that I had to agree with them. I had never noticed till they said so.

After the parade Jean, Don and I all went to a little cemetery Jean had told me about  the last time I was up this way for Baked Alaska. There were a couple of tombstones she thought might interest me. Yes, I love old cemeteries and tombstones. So we spent more time than I noticed walking around a cemetery where I didn’t know any of the deceased and we had a lovely day wandering. Oh and the two tombstones she wanted me to see? A couch and a scrabble board!



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