I’ve fallen a bit behind in my posts, but for good reason. I’ve been out of town. Here’s the run down on these last several days!

Day 127: First ever selfie in the ladies room! Me, my daughter and my mother in law. Boulder, Co at the Southern Sun Pub and Brewery.






Day 128: A wonderful day watching my daughter graduate from University! First generation graduate! Also my first time watching a university graduation, perfect one to see.








Day 129: Did my first 5K in Denver, Colorado and on Mother’s day to boot, with my daughter and mother in law, with other members of our family cheering us on. Lots of laughter and fun times today. 13179094



Day 130 (Yesterday). It was a very long day yesterday. Saying goodbye to our University Graduate with her new Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (can’t believe I got that right the first time this morning!) and heading home. For us it was a 17 hour trip. I actually did two new things however!

First I left $5 plus the change from our bill, in the tip jar at the Fredricksburg, CO Subway. I have never done that before. The workers were giving all of their tips to a fellow employee recently diagnosed with M.S. So the item I had placed on my calendar for yesterday, “Leave $5 for someone to find” was completed in my book. However, I got a BONUS yesterday!

First time I’ve ever rolled into Omaha at 10:30pm, called a friend I haven’t seen in something like 30 plus years, told her what gas station we were at and she hopped in her car and came over.

We stood outside in the drizzling rain, talking for about 20 minutes about kids, weddings, graduations and well life in these last 30 years and then the Hubster took our picture under the QT Gas Station sign and we were back in the truck headed for home. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

I truly admire my friend Debbie. She and I met on our very first ever tour with a traveling acting company called, Covenant Players. I was an immature 18 year old kid and she a 22 year old, mature for her age, “Smarty pants” College Graduate, grown up. Now she’s a 60 year old, with a newly married daughter and still the same focused woman I knew all those years ago and I at 56, the mother of three, still immature kid on the inside with a wrinkled old lady face on the outside. Those 20 minutes chatting, hugging and the snapping of a camera with Debbie is a 20 minute moment I will cherish. I love you Debbie! Go do something new!



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