Today I made Brigadeiro. It’s a Brazilian sweet. According to the information in the cookbook they became well known in the 1940’s when Nestlé started selling their powder and condensed milk in Brazil. The candies would be given at rallies for Eduardo Gomes’ 1946 campaign for president. The candy may have gotten its name for the general even though he lost in the 46 campaign and the next one. Really though the candy predates the Nestlé company and even the general and are also known by the name negrinhos, little black ones. The cookbook says they are now sold in stores in São Paulo.

The recipe was pretty simple just using Sweetened condensed milk, Nestlé chocolate and butter. You cook it in the microwave and then roll it into little rounds and roll in chocolate sprinkles. I tried one, it tasted alright but it was a bit chewy! I think I’ll stick with my favorite, Mallo Cup. Go do something new!


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