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I shall be forever grateful to my friend Carolyna who is not afraid to drive anywhere in Chicago! We had to go into Chicago today for packet pick up for my new thing for tomorrow and Carolyna offered to take me to anything I had on my list for Chicago new things, since we would be in the city.

We ended up at Mary Bartelme park. Its just a little park in the midst of the city with a kids playground and a doggie playground. What I wanted to see there was the crazy square frames of sculpture. Some time ago someone on my FB list posted a picture of the frames and it just gave me a smile when I saw it and really wanted to see it myself. Just a fun little new thing to do! It was on my calendar of things to do, but I’m pretty sure I would never have found it on my own.

Carolyna spotted it first as we drove to it and said, “there it is”. My eyes focused in and I felt a smile come cross my face and a little leap of joy in my heart. It truly is the little things in life. Carolyna put 17 minutes on the parking meter and off we went to check it out. In that 17 minutes we had sunshine, snow, sunshine, snow and gusty cold winds of a near blizzard! But we had fun! Go do something new! Thanks Carolyna! More fun than I even expected!



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