Day 92, Well April Fools has been an interesting day for me to get something new done. Originally when I started working on new things to do last fall I had this day marked down pretty quick. The plan had been to tell lies all day long. It was pretty simple to write that down, but the closer I got to the 1st the more stressed out I was about telling lies, ALL DAY LONG. I was glad it fell on a Friday which meant I wouldn’t be at work and figured I could hide out in my house and just lie to the kid and the hubster all day. Yeah, stressed me out.

2 weeks ago I got an email about participating in a cancer research study. It was for Tonsil (Squarmous cell) cancer that had metastasized. Mine had metastasized to the lymph nodes by the time they found it. I was Stage IV. I responded to the email. I was given a follow up email consisting of some homework, which I did, and I also got a phone call from a computer tech to help set up my video feed yesterday. Turns out the day to do the study was April Fool’s Day. I was like Yay, this will be my new thing, helping someone with their cancer research.

At some point this morning before I would have been sitting in front of my computer with the camera on for 90 minutes for someone to study me I found out I wasn’t what they wanted. They wanted someone who is currently in battle with the metastasized cancer. So Yay me, I’m cancer free, but bummer its too late to start lying all day, I’ve already told too many truths. It also made me feel bad for whoever they find to do the study. Its not usually too good when your cancer metastasizes, especially after you’ve been cancer free for a while, so to speak.

I stressed once more about what to do. I didn’t really want to move something from another date, because my calendar is still not quite full. Note: I didn’t take that lying off the calendar I simply moved it because my calendar isn’t full yet. Man I hope I can take that off!

After stressing for about an hour I thought of something I had seen in an Art type store for you to come in and do, but it was expensive at $50. I couldn’t justify it, but I thought maybe I could find the supplies in a craft store, cheaper. I headed out the door and hit Michaels. I found what I was looking for and the price was half of that $50, plus I had a 40% coupon. But again I thought, hmmmm that’s still $14.99. Not bad, but maybe Hobby Lobby has it and maybe its cheaper.

Before I could make it to Hobby Lobby I saw all these Freakin’ signs for a new store called 5 Below (Everything $5 or under I would find out). It was the Grand Opening. New store! Key word NEW, as in one NEW thing! I’ve never been to this store or one with that name anywhere! So spur of the moment I check my mirrors, throw on my turn signal and hit the turning lane! Benefit of a Grand Opening, I got a FREE t-shirt! Not that I need one more t-shirt, but key word once more FREE and well I sort of needed the message on that shirt today, CHILL! Plus I bought a pair of Patriotic shoes. Only cost me, yeah, $5.00. Cheaper than what I had originally set out to buy! Yay me! So one new thing for today, a new (cheap) store! And down the road, if I ever buy what I set out to buy its another day filled on that calendar!

Too bad I didn’t see the message from my friend Kelly who pointed out I could have used my rejection from the cancer study as my one new thing today, but then I wouldn’t have gotten some 4th of July shoes or a FREE t-shirt or the adventure! Go do something new!


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12 plus Years Surviving Stage IV Oral Cancer. I have become a "Turtle" runner since that diagnosis, as a way of saying, "Take That Sucker!" After 12 years of being a Turtle Runner, I'm adding a new title, Turtle Rucker!

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