One new thing every day, one new thing every day for a year.

Maundy Thursday – The Last Supper. I chose to put together an Easter Garden. I saw a picture on the internet, liked it and did my own thing. Similar, yet different.

It was cold and rainy and I worked outside. I didn’t want to make a mess inside, and I needed some outdoor elements, like twigs and moss and rock. I got a little wet digging up the moss, but it felt right. My hands in the dirt, getting dirty felt right. I was cold and that too felt right for this day before the darkness of Good Friday.

As I finished and brought my garden inside to the warmth of my home, it began to snow, the biggest snowflakes I think I have ever seen. Go do something new.


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12 plus Years Surviving Stage IV Oral Cancer. I have become a "Turtle" runner since that diagnosis, as a way of saying, "Take That Sucker!" After 12 years of being a Turtle Runner, I'm adding a new title, Turtle Rucker!

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