I was on a roll today for new things! The thing about trying to do one thing new every day for a year, you can  get kind of selfish. What I mean is, I have a tendency to think, I don’t want to do more than one new thing in one day, I want to save that other thing for another day! You know what I mean? I have to fill 366 days!

Today I actually did 4 new things and I am not unhappy about that! It was a wonderful day! While I sit here thinking about it I really probably did 5 new things. First of which was spending time with my friend Eva. I’ve never been to her house and we’ve probably, in person, only talked once at my Grandma’s 100th birthday party!

Eva’s mother and my grandmother were good friends. I do remember my Grandma talking to me about her friend Mrs. Skinner, her son Paul and Eva. I don’t remember much of those conversations, but I know she always spoke kindly of them. They were some of her favorite people. To thank Eva for her time I gave her one of my Grandma’s knickknacks, a chicken, a pair of butterfly earrings that belonged to my mother and a kitchen towel from me. It made me happy to be able to share something from myself and the women who were important to me whom Eva knew. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to give them up. Without hesitation I said yes. Its easy to share with someone as beautiful as Eva.

I’m so happy Eva was willing to teach me how to make pasta today and I’m glad I had the courage to follow through. I did fret over this for some time, but I decided I had to be brave while trying to do new things. I don’t think I could accomplish this list if I couldn’t step out of my comfort zone.

I truly enjoyed the time we spent together. I did not feel as if we were close to strangers for very long. Eva is quite easy to chat with and I’m so happy she is who she is. She made me feel comfortable. Eva has a beautiful back yard, even if it is winter and I caught myself gazing out the window looking at the birds and her cats and thought how much fun it would be in the summer time to sit outside and just take in the scenery. I’m happy I got to meet Eva’s husband Brad. I heard about how he made, cut and laid the tile in their entryway. It was so beautiful and I could not stop looking at it as Brad told me about how it was meant to resemble the streets in Italy. I had an AWE moment when I spotted what I think might have been the only heart shaped tile on the floor! My heart was truly full from my morning! Its a good thing Eva had to rush off to work or I just might have stayed all day!

Tonight I cooked some of the pasta I made with Eva and bravely came up with my own sauce. It all tasted amazing, something I’m not always used to with my cooking. Today memories were made to tuck once more into my heart. Eva was an acquaintance at 8:55am this morning, at 9:15am she became a cherished friend. She took me under her wing and gave me her friendship and the confidence to cook a sauce for my own homemade pasta. Thank you Eva!


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