I had planned my new thing for today to memorize the State things for Colorado, you know like the State bird, tree and flower, those sorts of things. My daughter has lived there for a few years now and it seemed as if I should know some of that stuff. But then I found this CD in the library that caught my interest and I thought it would help me with some other things I think maybe I should know. Well I will admit right now this new thing for today did not work out as I thought it would. I gave it a try, but I just can’t remember the stuff like I thought I’d be able to. I thought it would be easy, peasy. It wasn’t. I listened to it twice and even found a visual video on Youtube when the CD was failing me. No luck.

It’s one of those CD’s where they put information to music, which is suppose to make it easier for you to memorize. The CD is called Brain Beats. It had 12 songs on it with songs to learn all the state capitals, music on the things that make you who you are, like how much of your weight is muscular, the nervous system and how much your brain weighs, there was a song to learn a couple words in another language, and singing about all the Presidents of the United States in order.

The tunes were not hard to listen to, but there wasn’t anything I could find to hold on to, to remember what they were singing.

So there you have my Day 54. I gave it a shot, it seemed like a good new thing to try with my old brain, but my brain just couldn’t or wouldn’t co-operate. I’ve pushed memorizing the Colorado things to a day in March. I’ll go back to the way memorizing has always worked best for me, a book.

I should have known this method wouldn’t work for me, in the early 70’s, when I was a kid, they used to have these little clips on TV called School House Rock to help you memorize stuff. It didn’t work then either!

I’m not beating myself up about this, we all have different ways of learning information. For me, it’s the written word in books. Go do something new and do it the way it works best for you.


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