Its funny how I put these things on my list to do for the first time, and then feel myself back tracking. Almost trying to talk myself out of it, but knowing if I don’t do what is on the calendar for today then I have to find something to take its place and down the road I’ll still have to do it to fill another day! What is crazy is I have a fear because its something I’ve NEVER done. hahaha That’s what this list is about! Doing new things.

I bucked up and headed out the door and into my car and down the road to Village Hall and attended my first Village Board meeting. What was there to be afraid of? I was a spectator with nothing to say, just sit and listen. Yet I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

I’m happy to report I survived my first ever board meeting. It was pretty uneventful. It lasted less than a half hour which really surprised me. There were very few things to discuss. There were two men who wanted to open up two different types of businesses. Both were invited to the front to answer questions. One guy was dressed in a nice plaid shirt and khaki pants. I have to admit I sort of shook my head and wagged a imaginary finger at the second guy who wanted to start a business and showed up at the meeting in what appeared to be dirty gray sweatpants, he sort of “shlumped” up to the podium looking like he was a bit bothered by the attention. Maybe this was his first board meeting too and maybe he was afraid like me. I at least put on a clean shirt before I left the house. The board didn’t seem to judge him like I did. They voted to approve his business.

The meeting was pretty painless, not sure I learned anything. I am not a political person and I hate conflict so I was rather happy to see how well they all seemed to get along. Maybe I’ll go back for another meeting sometime, maybe not. Go do something new!


Outside Village Hall, in the dark, in the cold, in the wind. I survived!


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  1. Pam says:

    We have gone to many of these lately.