The 13 year old and I drove to Lake Geneva with our friends Carolyna and Nathan to see the ice sculptures at Winterfest. I didn’t even know there was a Winterfest until my friend Lane shared a link. Glad he did, because it was another new thing to add to my year!

We drove by where some people were parking on the lake, I guess because it was close to the sculptures. I said, “no way I’m parking on that.”

It was pretty dang cold when we got there, and if I had a dollar for every time an adult asked my 13 year old where his coat was I could have had a Starbucks cup of coffee. The sculptures were all awesome. My favorites were the woman with the snowflake and Odin.

After we checked them all out we walked up to the main drag for some lunch and to warm our frozen fingers. By the time we left the restaurant the sun had come out and it started warming up. We hit a couple shops before walking back to the car. As we were working our way out of town, back past the ice sculptures we saw the cars parked on the lake that would soon be underwater. It was a crazy sight, people walking out there to get their cars.

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Go do something new, but don’t park your car on what you think is a frozen lake. We walked 2.5 miles from our car to the park to lunch and back to the car in a free parking lot. We got to drive my car back home instead of watching it sink.


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