No video today. My freakin’ new thing for today: Getting my name in a book. I’m taking an easy route on this, since I’ve not written the great story of my life sort of book yet. Today I went to my hometown library and talked to my Librarian friend Jeanne about donating a book to their collection. I paid her for the book and she will order the book for me. It will be processed and a note will be placed in it with my name as the donor.

This is a book the library currently does not have in their collection and goes along with my trying to do one new thing a day. It’s a book I have read and enjoyed. It is of course about doing one new thing a day. The book was written by a woman named Lu Ann Cahn and the title of it is, “I Dare Me: How I Rebooted and Recharged My Life by Doing Something New Every Day”.

One of the things I like about the book and Ms. Cahn’s list, is that many or most of the things she did were simple things. Things that didn’t cost a lot of money. As someone who works a part time job with no benefits and no vacation time I like things simple, easy and not expensive, and I like to have fun!

One of the main reasons I hated the movie “The Bucket List” was because it was so outlandishly expensive. It would be so incredibly depressing to think this was the only Bucket list someone could have. I can barely afford to drive over to the next state let alone think about world travel. My International passport expired many years ago and I only used it once! This is why you wont’ see any huge travel items on my list, but I will travel a bit. Oh it would be nice to think about going to some exotic country, but its just not possible, for me, at this moment in my life. I’ve accepted that position. So I try not to let it drag me down when there are so many places near me I can go, some of them only costing the price of gas in my car! I have a feeling we’d all be a lot happier if we thought a little more simply about what around us can bring us joy and tonight what brought me joy was being able to put this book into the hands of people in my hometown. To say, “Get Off Your Butt and Do Something”.

Jeanne will let me know when the book hits the shelf, but today I started the process of donating, for the very first time, a book to the library for others to read and see my name listed in the front as the donor. Hey, I like the idea of my name in a book what can I say!Go do something new.


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