No video for today’s new thing. This wasn’t on my list. I’ve gone over it in my mind trying to decide to include this as a new thing. It’s not something I actually did, but funny thing is I have a version of this on my list to do at a later date. So I’ve decided to add it. It was awesome that it happened. Its never happened to me before and I think everything happens for a reason.

Today I found a message in a book at the library, that was meant for me! Nope, it didn’t have my name on it, but here’s how I know it was for me. I don’t believe in coincidences.

I work in a library. I work in the back in Tech. Services. You won’t generally find me out where the public is. On the rare occasion I’m out there I can be found generally on the adult side. I never work the kid’s side. Today I worked the kid’s side. That’s the #1.

Our library is working on a project to change some labeling on books in one section of the Jr. High and Young adult section. The responsibility to do this fell to my boss. #2 reason the message was meant for me. My boss asked me if I would go out and take her place and that of a co-worker to start up where they left off to give their backs a rest from bending over the cart. So out I went. I’m short, there was no bending for me. I could stand and work at the cart at my level, so when my co-worker came out to “spell” me, I said, “I don’t mind doing this if you want me to continue on.” So she let me. So #3 reason the message was for me, was now I was working on books she would have been doing. #4 reason, part of my regular responsibility is making repairs on the library books, so when I do, on the rare occasion, have to be out on the floor, my eyes are, without trying, seeing books on the shelf that “look” like they might need to be repaired. Some are easier to spot than others, and so shortly after starting on what would have been my co-workers section my eye spied a book with a bit of a gap. I opened it to see if the book had separated from the spine, but instead I found a card. Just a card, no envelope. A serene picture on the front. I opened it up and started reading. It was an uplifting little message meant for “whoever” might find it! That was me. I don’t believe in coincidences. Right place, right time. I needed this message today, and there it was in a little paperback book by an author with the last name of Jimenez, in the Jr. High section of the library, where this 55 year old found it. Go do something new – Make someone’s day better!




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  1. Pam says:

    What a neat occurrence.