Leave the dishes in the sink, they can wait until dark or until you get back or until after you write this story. Go for a brisk walk through the neighborhood, getting a little exercise and admire your neighbor’s yards. Enjoy how pretty their flowers are or how nice they’ve mowed their lawn.

GE DIGITAL CAMERALook up at the trees that are changing colors and see them for where they are in the changing scene. Maybe there is just a leaf or two here and there turned yellow; maybe half the tree is yellow and the other half still green. Enjoy their beauty for this moment. Tomorrow they may have fallen to the ground.

Look down at the leaves that have fallen and along the way take the time to spy the prettiest ones and pick them up to carry them in your swinging arm. Who cares if they all happen to be red. I like red leaves. Take a close look at them, at a distance they are beautiful, but maybe when you look close you can spot where the red has begun to turn brown. Put the leaf back to arm’s length and see it for where it is out there in the distance.

Walking up the sidewalk, give the boy the stink eye till he stops kicking the crap out of his Mother’s roses. I’m sure she would thank you for that and his Dad will be glad he went back to where he left the rake and the job he left behind of raking up the leaves.

GE DIGITAL CAMERATake the time to look at the Halloween decorations and pick your favorite. Offer them their prize in your imagination. Use your imagination. Use your imagination for anything you want on your walk, it is your walk after all.

Feel the sun warm you and remember how it feels. Take off your jacket and tie it around your waist, then take a picture of your shadow and say to yourself, look how big the jacket makes my hips look and laugh out loud. I’m sure no one is watching. I am not my shadow, only an illusion. And smile because you know your hips are a bit smaller than your jacket makes them appear and be happy with that thought. Be happy it is a beautiful fall day for a brisk walk. Be happy.

Walk, and dream, walk and smile, walk and look deep at the world that surrounds you. It costs you nothing but a little bit of time. You could have wasted time standing inside with your yellow rubbers gloves on your hands, instead of holding in your hands those pretty red leaves,


swinging your arms as you walked along admiring the day and what it gave you for free. You can wash the dishes after the sun sets or when you get back home or after you write this story. It doesn’t matter, they waited for you and they didn’t get any dirtier, while you enjoyed this Fall day.


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12 plus Years Surviving Stage IV Oral Cancer. I have become a "Turtle" runner since that diagnosis, as a way of saying, "Take That Sucker!" After 12 years of being a Turtle Runner, I'm adding a new title, Turtle Rucker!

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