Last night I met my friend Carolyna for a run on the river trail. She had to do 3 miles, I only wanted to do 2 miles. The plan all along had been to meet, say hello and goodbye and run our own distance, our own pace.

Carolyna said she would run to the first bridge and turn around. The key here was to hear FIRST bridge. There are THREE bridges between our starting point, the last bridge is maybe 2 1/2  miles. The problem is these three bridges are all different, first one is a pedestrian bridge over the river, which I didn’t even consider. The second one is a railroad bridge over the road, and the third bridge is for cars over the trail. I ASSUMED she meant the bridge for cars. (I had forgotten what distances she needed to do and was thinking it was 6 miles. God bless her, she’s in training for her first marathon and I give her all the props in the world – I don’t have that in me, nor do I want it! LOL

I had planned to run out a mile and a half, turn around and run back and be done. As I plodded down the road my brain kicked in and I thought, maybe I’ll just run out the 2 miles, turn around, and run till I meet up with Carolyna and then stay with her and chat and finish together. So I had lied to myself about just running 2 miles. It’s unbelievable how easy I can lie to myself and not know I’m lying! wink emoticon

I ran out almost to that car bridge, hitting the two miles and turning around. I did not see Carolyna, but the path is curvy and so I kept running, knowing she’d be just around the bend. She wasn’t. I had 2 miles to think the worst and I admit there was a lot of what the helllllllll. I thought she got hurt, fell down, fell in the RIVER, GOT KIDNAPPED!!!! Oh my, what or who would I call?

It started to dawn in my noggin, maybe, just maybe I confused which bridge she meant. At that point I could have stopped running and just walked back. I had my two miles in, but I had come this far and as always I get by with a little help.

I decided I would run mile 3 for Jimmy D. I didn’t know him, but I know family members and I love them. I know Jimmy is missed, I’ve seen pictures posted and people telling stories of how much fun he was.

I pushed on through mile 3 and into mile 4. I haven’t ran over 3 miles since January. I ran mile 4 for Pete R. He had oral cancer, too close to my story. He died yesterday. Again, I didn’t know him, but his wife Beth is a distant cousin and I’ve said a lot of prayers over the years for her and Pete and I was saddened and grieved that one more is no longer standing.

As I finished out that last few steps there was my friendCarolyna, she looked a little worried. I wondered if she thought I HAD been kidnapped. She asked me how many miles I did and I held up my hand with four fingers up. I said somethingto the effect that I apparently had the wrong bridge. We stood at our cars, drinking our water and getting that lost chat in.



My attempt to do something nice and tag along behind my friend never happened, but I had a good run, 2 miles for me and 2 once again for those no longer here. My “what the hellllllll” mantra over and over again? Well it may have started about where on earth is my lovely friend, but it ended up being, sighs to heaven. I’m so sorry for your deaths Jimmy and Pete. You are missed. I get by with a little help from the dead.


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12 plus Years Surviving Stage IV Oral Cancer. I have become a "Turtle" runner since that diagnosis, as a way of saying, "Take That Sucker!" After 12 years of being a Turtle Runner, I'm adding a new title, Turtle Rucker!

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