I admit I often have problems with people too close to my personal space and IN my personal space. Absolutely NO ONE was on this side of the McDonalds when I put down my tray and went over to get a napkin. When I came back this guy and his gal pal out of the entire empty side chose to sit right BEHIND me. My suspisions have been realized I do indeed have a SUPER PoWER. I am obviously capable of invisibility and this is why people sit too close and/or walk right in front of me to look at the same thing I’m looking at in a store. Yep Invisible and I don’t even need Harry’s cloak. So crystal clear now that people have not been in the slightest bit rude, they just don’t see me due to my awesome super power! Wow life is so much easier now that I know that!


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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I feel invisible sometimes too! Either that, or some people just don’t care if they are squeezing with you.