Originally posted at Blogger in August of this year: – And now that 10K is tomorrow!

Yesterday I started thinking that just maybe this year I might sign up for the Oswego Park District Gobbler Hobbler 10K. It would be my first 10K. I’m not ready for it, but maybe if I start thinking about it I can mentally prepare because my mind is telling me that physically I’m so not sure about being able to do it. I am thinking clearly though, knowing that I would NOT run the whole thing, but combine walking and running. I have done the one mile run they offer for several years because they didn’t offer a 5K. While the one mile is run the same day, it has a different name. It was called the Drumstick Dash mostly but last year they changed the name to the Mash Potato Mile. Somehow those names seem even less appealing than Gobbler Hobbler. I believe if I do this I will for certain hobble across the finish.

I realized earlier in the year that if I ever wanted to be able to do the Ragnar Relay (200 mile, team of 12 running race) I would HAVE to run a 10K to establish a time. I know it will be difficult, but I’m not interested in a good time to the finish, (although I think the people at Ragnar may be) I just want to be able to finally say I did a 10K.

It will be grueling for me to get through it as I still, most of the time, yell at myself to keep going in a 5K. I believe there are some people who think I run because it has become “easy”.  It has not. I could easily come up with excuses for sitting back down in my chair and not being a runner. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them they could walk as fast as I can run. My lungs and throat are damaged, my legs are short, and I’m old. I only started running in 2009. My body is not the body of an elite runner, I have little muscle and lots of baby fat. Yeah, those are all excuses I could use to not run. But I do run and most of the time it is my own little form of hell. It never gets easy. I do not “love” running. Yet here I am contemplating a 6.2 mile race in November, because I “love” how it feels to cross the finish line after all the mental and physical torment. I “love” that I can say, “I DID IT”. I love that this is ME having some control over my life, despite the difficult times. I love the cheer of the few who have stuck around to see all of the finishers, those of us that are not the elite, but those who still give it the all that we have to give because we are trying.

The 10K was really on my “to do” list first before I set my sites on a 5K, when I realized how many miles a 10K involved. Remember the days I was only able to run to one mailbox, then walk to the next, then run and so on? I quickly changed my mind to shoot for 5K finisher status. The thought of running came way back in the fall of 2008 when my kids Halie, Levi, and Levi’s friend John and I volunteered for Kohls at the Nike Human race in Chicago. I volunteered us because Fall Out Boy was the after race entertainment and I knew for sure Halie was a huge fan and there was a free shirt involved. It had little to do with standing around to hand out bottles of water and granola bars to a bunch of insane people who wanted to run. At the time I started joking that next year we could be IN the race. At the time I didn’t even realize it was a 6.2 mile race. I thought it WAS 3 miles. I didn’t know the difference between a 5K and a 10K running race at the time. Halie took my joking a little more seriously than I anticipated and as she started agreeing to what I wasn’t taking seriously, I began to GET serious and say, yeah I could do this!  That was the first time I had the thought of running. The thought blossomed because of the journey I had taken to arrive at this day. I knew it was a healthy thing to do and a big alternative to fighting back against wondering when my cancer might return. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be here, alive and living life with my kids.

So here I am 4 years later and finally thinking……it’s time for that 10K! It’s time to mark this one-off my “to do” list so I can put Ragnar on the list! When did I become this insane running person? Thanks Fall Out Boy. Yeah I know they broke up some time ago.Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the written material and photographs without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to JL The Turtle and The Accidental Thoughts of a Turtle blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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