Originally posted at Blogger in January 2012

As I started this story, there was much sadness around the making of Halie. We celebrated our First Anniversary, pregnant with our first child and dealing with the death of my Grandma. We had lost my Grandpa Emmett in January and now Keith’s Grandpa Leo. Two deaths before our first anniversary and now a new life on the way. My Aunt Sandy took a picture of us all dressed up at the funeral for our anniversary. I didn’t have a dressy Maternity dress so I squeezed into a dress I had worn to a party somewhere or other. Halie in my big belly protruding and putting much pressure on the seams.

Back at the hospital, January 16th approaching 8pm and all I could keep thinking was please let this child arrive before January 17th, the first anniversary of my Grandpa’s death. I left off in Part 1 with the Doctor telling Keith he would not be able to attend the birth, that the paper work we had from the Lamaze class wasn’t up to snuff. After everything the two of us had just been through in those 30 plus hours the nurses felt sorry for us. While I was being prepped, the nurses dragged Keith into a room to watch “the video”.  While he was watching it they were quickly dressing him in scrubs. It was apparently all a bit crazy, but I was not privy to their little party. I was having one of my own with the anesthesia guy, having me bend over as far as I could in a sitting position and a rather large belly so he could insert the HUGE needle he made the mistake of showing me. After that I didn’t feel any more pain, and there was Keith beside me. Such a strange experience, while I felt no pain I felt pressure and pulling and tugging, and 39 hours after the first sign of her impending birth our beautiful baby girl with all her fingers and toes was brought into the light and cold. Ahhh euphoria, wonder and awe, yet not quite ready to grasp we had a baby to take care of and love.

While still under the influence of quite a bit of medication a nurse came in to get the name for the birth certificate. Keith was not there. He was either off with Halie or probably making phone calls. My Mom had tried to call us several times that day and was quite upset (we found out later) thinking Keith had me out shopping somewhere. This was one of the reasons we decided to keep delivery a secret. We, knowing Mom, thought if she knew where I was for all THAT time, would have been at the hospital with us. We didn’t want to share this amazing time. We were selfish and just wanted the two people who were involved in making this child (besides the Doctor, Nurses and Anesthesia guy) to be there to see her and hold her and call her ours. We knew we would have to share her soon enough. Back to the Birth certificate, the nurse asked for the baby’s name and I told her. She asked how to spell it, I replied, “H.a.l.e.y”. Now with all the drugs in me, my head just didn’t think that sounded right and I said, “no that’s not right, it’s H.a.l.i.e, Yeah that’s it”. And so Halie got a unique spelling for a name that was somewhat common that year due to Haley’s Comet making an appearance. She is unique, she is like no other, our first child, our only daughter. We love her, we’ve gotten mad at her over the years,  told her No a few times, and  maybe haven’t always seen eye to eye, but we always loved and do love her. She has been ours and always will be, but we know she is her own as well.

Halie brought joy to my heart where sadness had reigned. The only regrets I have are that my Grandpa Emmett and Grandma Isabelle and Keith’s Grandpa Leo did not live long enough to see her and hold her and love her.


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