Originally posted at Blogger in March 2011 – Now that I am in the process of moving my blog over to WordPress, well I have no followers. Ah, well.

So sending out a big thank you to my cousin Nicole and especially my cousin in law Stewart the Scot, New College Graduate, hopefully soon to be school teacher! Anyway thanks to Stewart I checked out from my local library a little treasure of a book called, Notes From The Dog. It was written by Gary Paulsen. Now the reason I thank Stewart is a bit of a long story. Stewart and his wife, my 2nd cousin Nicole recently shared a link to their blog. I was looking at Nicole’s blog when I noticed that having just started her blog she already had 3 followers! I was jealous, up until this last week when Nicole started to follow me, I only had 2 (hopefully faithful) followers. I’ve been blogging a couple years now. Of course most of my family have computer literacy problems and that in itself, well, it drives me NUTS. Of course once again I digress.

So I was looking to see who was following Nicole. Funny thing, Stewart was following Nicole. Go figure. What was funny though, he was following her under a different blog name than the one I knew about. Nosy lady that I am (Stewart by now should know this about me), I clicked on his blank face icon (Stewart, why no picture?) to see what that was about. So loooooong story short…….that’s where I found Stewart recommend this little treasure of a book called, Notes From the Dog, by Gary Paulsen. I of course right away thought it was another account of the Iditarod. (I’m sure there’s a psychotic name for my fascination with things).

Are you still with me? My faithful 3? Now Stewart’s review of the book was interesting, however, I may never have looked for the book at this particular moment, as I’m a bit swamped with “stuff” in my life, but a few months back I read Gary Paulsen’s account of running the Iditarod. My faithful 3 should know by now how I feel about the Iditarod, so I checked out the book. As Stewart said, it’s a short book. He said it was 129 pages, I’d like to correct him and say it was 132 pages, but then maybe he had a different book.

I love to read, but I’m a slow reader, so when I saw the size of the book I was like SWEET! This won’t take so long. I started reading it yesterday afternoon, having had probably less than 3 hours sleep (which is a whole other story and I won’t digress again). I finished it in a couple hours. Yay me!

I don’t want to give the whole story away, but suffice it to say there is a cancer theme running through the book, not the Iditarod at all, however a dog is a very important part of the book. (I’d tell you his name, but it would take a bit away from the book, should you (I Hope) pick it up to read. The main character is a 14 year old boy named Finn (Love that name).  He doesn’t have cancer but his neighbor Johanna does. Funny that I relate to Finn a little more than Johanna. See the thing of it is Finn, like me, wasn’t a people person, but, because of someone in his life having cancer, Finn becomes a people person. I have become better at allowing people into my life, since cancer came into my life.

This book, one would think, would be quite sad, but it’s really such a wonderful uplifting story about doing things, you never thought you’d ever do or want to do. The ending made me question, laugh and cry and gave me a sudden urge to go swimming. You’ll understand that announcement if you read the book! More importantly it made me laugh when all I’ve wanted to do for some time is cry.

Thanks Stewart.


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