Originally posted at Blogger March 2011 while I had done a fairly decent job of embracing winter I was quite ready for warmer weather come March that year!

Oh Spring where are you?

The color of winter is seeping through my bones, but in my mind’s eye are all the colors of  lovely spring. The strutting out of Spring is close at hand. Will it come today? Please will it come today?

Jump up you Johnny Jump Ups! Jump up and strut your handsome suit.

Let us have an Easter parade of daffodils and jonquils and a tulip or two. Show forth your red beauties, oh glorious Red Bud trees! Come forth and march in step all you hyacinths and crocuses.

Spring, so long in showing forth her colors, when all the snow has melted away. We are left with nothing but degrees of brown and brown and brown. The anticipation in waiting, the joy in it’s arrival.

Oh Spring where are you? Burst through this cold dark ground and bring us your colors. Bring forth the sunshine and light the darkness that sits upon my heart. Oh Spring where are you? It is time for a parade. Please come out so I can play.

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