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I had asked my family members to share one of their favorite memories from school and mine made me laugh all over again so I thought I’d share it on my blog. I’ve taken out the teacher’s name, as one never knows who might come across a little old blogger’s story. Wouldn’t want to cause any permanent damage to one teacher’s ego.

My favorite memory is from 2nd grade. Hard to believe I can actually remember anything from that long ago, but I think because this had such a profound effect on me that day is why I remember it. I mean the heat that welled up in my face and the profuse sweating my adolescent body conjured up is something very hard to forget.

My teacher was, I think,  possibly in her first year teaching. She was young and pretty and I can remember a certain flowery two piece suit (skirt of course and jacket) she wore, maybe cause it’s in our class picture, I think.

Way back in my day we didn’t start learning to read until 2nd grade. My youngest son started in Kindergarten and was reading books in 1st grade (with some help from Mom, but still never the less reading). We, the students, in order to form a (whoops that’s not right). We, kids, had been out of the classroom, probably at recess after lunch. When we came back to class our teacher had a brand new spelling word on the bulletin board for us to learn. I think this must have been pretty common for us to expect a word on the board, because I remember sitting in my seat and looking to the board and immediately getting a little ill. Now obviously, most people who know me know that I get a little sick thinking about math, but when it comes to words, I’m a pretty good speller. So the word didn’t upset me because I couldn’t read it, it upset me because I could read it. Once everyone was seated and settled, off we went on our little terror filled, what seemed an eternity, but probably was maybe 20 minutes, spelling time.

The teacher pointing to the word asked, “who can tell me what this word is?”. Tick tock, tick, tock, eh hem, tick tock, yeah, I could hear the second hand ticking away on that big old clock on the wall! Surprisingly for her, no one raised a hand. Not even the smarty pants kid, (not me, so they shall remain nameless). Well, she was a little put off, but pushed a little harder and still no one would volunteer up the word. “Okay, not a problem”, I’m sure she was thinking, “just remain cool”. Now she started pointing to certain kids and YIKES, calling them out by name, saying, “tell me what the word is”. One by one she did this and NOBODY would give her an answer. Well now she was getting red in the face and yes even angry. I was shaking in my little 2nd grader desk and wishing I could some how crawl inside it or better yet, figure out how to get my chubby self out that teeny, tiny window. Not sure why running out the door, as if I might be sick didn’t come to mind, but hey 2nd grade, we don’t have it all figured out. “Please, please don’t pick me!, What will I say if she picks me? AHHHHHH she picked me! What’ll I do?”, these were the terrifying thoughts going through my head. I got a pained look on my face, pretending to figure it out. Scrunching up my little eyes as if to see it better, but really trying to block it out. I simply would not give an answer, just like all the kids she asked before me and those she asked after me. My mouth would not open. I would not be the only stupid kid to say that word. I mean come on, how could she expect anyone to say it. Had it been a couple years later I’m sure the class clown (again not me, so they remain nameless) would have loved to have said it, but this was 2nd grade, class clowns, didn’t always realize the time for their “big shining moment”.

The teacher got so hopping mad. I really thought she might hit somebody and maybe she thought so too, cause all of a sudden she just screamed out the word, like we were all a bunch of morons, but in fact, she was the big dummy and we all knew she was. I mean really how could she expect any of us to say THAT word out loud, in front our friends and worst of all in front of the kids who sneered down their noses at us (I’m sure we had snobs already in 2nd grade, at least in my mind). This was one of those rare occasions (cause the teacher is always right you know), where a young teacher should have taken a step back when giving us this word and thinking about a 2nd grader’s mind and what it thinks about at that age, but she failed. She screamed the word out at us, spitting it at us, “THE WORRRRRRRD ISSSSSSSS BUT, B. U. T! BUT!!!!! Well that’s all it took to release the built up tension of a bunch of 2nd graders. There was giggling and full out blasts of laughter. “BUT, the teacher said BUT!!!!” Hahahahahahahahahah. Well it hit her like a slap to the face and I believe she turned even three shades of darker red than she had been, when it finally came to her why NO ONE was brave enough to say the word out loud! She was of course very flustered, but she was one up on us real quick, gathering her wits and explaining (a bit embarrassed) the difference in spelling words that sound the same. Dang teacher always wins doesn’t she? It was scary then, BUT, I sure can laugh about it now.

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