Originally posted May 8, 2010Image, proof that I don’t always write sadly, er well I guess this IS sad news, but good for a laugh on me.

I go in spurts of writing. Sometimes like today a thought will come to me and it won’t leave me alone until I get it down on paper. Sometimes its thought-provoking, heart-moving things and other times, well not so much as can be seen below. I decided to go out on a limb and share my downfalls with you, yes chin hair, I consider that a downfall.

Yes, I have to admit I’ve been thinking of chin hair today. Chin hair on women that is. The good news is, there’s not a lot, ummmm usually. I have seen more. Well, best leave that alone.

Only one or two silly looking things protruding from certain ladies chins as they begin to mature and their hormone levels get all whacked up, can still be quite embarrassing and maddening. I hate to say we’re growing old. Not all of us feel like our age, nor in some cases act it,but the first time you spot a nasty little hair where it doesn’t belong, well it does set you back and take a toll on the youthful feeling you had the day before, “oh no, I’ve become old Great Aunt Sally! How is this possible, that I’ve gotten that old?”

A few weeks ago while visiting a certain elderly family member,( I don’t want to call her out and embarrass her by using her name), who is well over the age of 90 and her name is not Great Aunt Sally. I don’t think she’ll be reading this, but then again someone could go tattling on me and tell her what I wrote. So best to leave her name out of it, for the safety of my butt and the whippin’ I might have to take. I feel pretty comfortable with this lady and while sitting and visiting over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table I noticed a few chin hairs. This lovely lady has vision impairment issues, so I know she hadn’t seen them or she would have plucked them right out. So I got up and went to the medicine cabinet and got out her tweezers and said, “you’ve got a couple of chin hairs there”, “well pull em’ out”, she groused and proudly held her chin up for me to begin the assassination.

This loving exchange was all pretty matter of fact with no embarrassment for either of us. As I said I, and she are pretty comfortable with each other, she changed my diapers for goodness sake. It only took a couple of seconds and we were back to drinking our coffee and chatting about other things, mostly people. She likes to tell me about the people who have died since the last time I saw her, as if I knew who they were. In most cases I don’t have a clue and tell her so, then she tells me how I should have known them. Sometimes it rings a bell, usually not however.

Well today, I spied my own, little chin hair. Just one mind you, but it was there, under my chin, a bit curled up, and not so easy to see, however, I WAS looking for it. After my visit with my little ol’ lady friend, I got a tad worried about my chin. Soon as I spotted it  I wondered very quickly, “was I the only one who noticed this little bugger, or had others seen it as well?”  Which brings up the question, how many of you, having noticed a lady’s chin hair would in fact point this out to her? What if you were the one with the obtrusive little devil hair, would you want someone to tell you?

I do believe it would be well worth the initial embarrassment to have this pointed out to me, by one person that to think about the 99 others that would see it, never saying a word, but having a little giggle about my chin hair. Hair in general embarrasses me, if you’ve seen the hair on my head, you know what I’m talking about. I would want to be told ever so gently of this cursed hair. You wouldn’t have to be as blunt as I was with my little ol’ lady. Then again maybe you feel as comfortable with me as I did. There are ways around the bluntness. You could just say, “hey it looks like you’ve got a little something there on your chin and I don’t think you can just wipe it away. You don’t by chance want me to see it I can remove it do you, uh, it might involve a pair of tweezers, if you have a pair.” You know lead up to it slowly, but my guess is as soon as you mention tweezers they are gonna know what you’re talking about, so have a little sympathy will ya.

One must be careful however, who they approach. I mean maybe the lady knows she’s got some extra coverage and wishes to leave it in place. Maybe she is comfortable with all these new things popping up and out of her body and is grateful to be growing old. Maybe she wants to join the circus as the bearded lady…………… Probably not.


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