Originally posted Dec. 5th, 2009  while I was still working as part of the Dock Team for Kohls.  I admit it still resides on my kitchen counter.

Before Halloween, as I worked over in the Home Department, I would pass this soap dispenser. It sat facing the center aisle, so it was hard not to see. It was meant for Halloween, black and orange, but what caught me were the words, Toes of Foes. Every time I passed it, I would smile. The first time I saw it, I think I actually giggled out loud. This cheeky little, non necessary, item somehow released tension that was building within. It made me feel a little better about the world. Not just some of the people who inhabit, my sometimes, too close for comfort area of space, but more importantly the not always so giddy circumstances of what life dishes out. After a couple of weeks I caved and bought it before it went on clearance. Highly unusual for Mrs. Thrifty. I brought my Toes of Foes home and with monumental joy in my heart, I placed it by my kitchen sink. A place I spend entirely too much time at, as far as I am concerned. So it helped getting the dishes done! There I could see it several times a day and if my mood was slipping it was there and a smile was back on my frowning face. Halloween came and went and my overloaded brain made a brilliant suggestion to leave it at the sink. So there it has remained to make the dark a lighter shade of gray. Such an easy step for mental health. I would never ever stoop to the level of taking my Foes Toes.Heck I can’t usually tell someone they’ve hurt me. I’ll tell everyone else but not the one who should hear my case.  In some cases of course toes aren’t even involved, because most of the time it’s just getting one more piece of bad news. But just to imagine something so simple as a little dispenser to hold all the sadness. It gives me a visual, a way to put it all in perspective and get on with the life at hand.


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